The first step. It's a short, fairly simple phrase that can be applied in many ways to a lot of different things. For instance, think about the first step a baby takes. That small foot moving forward marks a rite of passage, from an infant to a toddler, and signifies a life changing event that will be remembered by the baby's parents for the rest of their lives. While the first step will be followed, and even overshadowed, by colossal, monumental events such as graduating from high school and college, marriage, the birth of one's own children, etc., it is never forgotten.

     As an athlete, huge emphasis is placed on the first step, regardless of the sport played. How important is the first step down the first base line for a hitter turned base runner? Or for a shortstop trying to make the play in the hole to end the inning? Or for the defensive lineman trying to get to the quarterback on third and goal from the nine? Coaches constantly preach to their players, "The first step is the most critical one." A good (or bad) first step for a prospective NFL player at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, IN next week can mean a world of difference in draft status, and potentially millions of dollars.

     The first step can also be a symbolic one, whether it means getting off the couch and getting in to the gym to get back in shape, finishing (or starting) that project around the house that you've been putting off for who knows how long, going back to college to finish a degree (or start on a new one), or getting closer to the Lord. For me it was acting on a vision that I had several years ago to start my own company so that I could be in position to utilize my years of experience in football to work with others doing something I love to do. Why did it take me so long to get started? I ask myself that all the time. Some of my procrastination probably stemmed from a lack of free time; most of it, however, more than likely came from a fear of failure. We all have our own reasons why we delay doing certain things, and deep down, they all may revolve around being afraid of something in some way, shape, or form--not meeting our own (or someone else's) expectations, wondering what others will think, etc., etc...

Don't be afraid to take the first step.



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