What are you going to do this Summer? Take a family vacation? Head to the Beach? Chill at home? Whatever you and your family do, enjoy yourself, be safe, but be ready to go when football practice starts in August. For high school and college players, get your workouts in early in the day, preferably before Noon, so you can beat the heat and humidity, and you still have time to catch up with friends and spend time with the family.

     Don't procrastinate! Don't try to squeeze two months of training into the final two weeks of your Summer break. All this does is open the door for injuries to occur because you're overtraining and not getting enough rest and recovery time. Make sure you work on your flexibility on a regular basis, and drink anywhere from a half-gallon to a gallon of water daily. Don't lose out on a starting position or playing time because you sat around all Summer and didn't do anything (or didn't do enough).

     Enjoy the Summer, but be ready to compete when the time comes.



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