...If you believe it is possible. Dare to dream! With that being said, if you have a dream, you must have a plan to make that dream a reality. Do you want to play college football? Be a doctor? Own a business? You can do anything you want, if you apply yourself, make the necessary sacrifices, and focus on your goal. I once heard a former NFL player say, "work hard and you might get lucky." All this means is that you create your own luck, your own breaks, your own opportunities, by preparing yourself to the best of your ability to be as successful as possible. I've also heard the saying, "luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Simply put, this means that when the opportunity does arise, you better be ready for it. Are you ready?



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    Ron Selesky, President of ProFind Inc., is a professional football coach with over 11 years of experience coaching arena football. Coach Selesky is also the author of the ProFind Inc. Blog. Please check the Blog page frequently as Coach Selesky will be updating the Blog on a regular basis.


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